Sunday, 14 April 2013

Imagine a world where not even your height that used to speak vulome about you neither the size of your bank account nor the beauty/handsomeness of your person shall appeal or attract then disgruntle female partners of yours any more; for what shall be considered as the "most endowed and sought after quality of a man" by his disatisfied prospect opposite partner shall be the very stuff he got in-between his two legs. They will judge and appreciate you best on its size and not by your height or money. Just imagine and imagine! Imagine when men shall snub taller and beautiful women just to avoid situations where their wives give birth to the tallest daughters who could be at the high risk of developing cancer! Just think of a life where you'll have to win a case in a law court to enable you start raising your own kids because of population explosion... Imagine a world where a 13-year old boy would rather choose to die simply because he was asked by his parents to go and read his book. Imagine a world when two are in a marriage relationship not for the purpose of progression of life but rather for some sort of disgusting sexual pleasures and economics benefits. You know what I'm talking about right? God bless you for reading this article and understanding what it means!

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